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Top 5 Anal Sex Toys


We're introducing 5 must have toys for anal sex enthusiasts.

1. Anal beads

Anal beads could as well become your favorite. They consist of many different spheres or balls that are connected to each other.

They are great for anal beginnings, because the first ball is very small and they progress in size as you go. The best part of the beads is pulling them out . it intensifies orgasms and can bring you to an ecstasy.

You can use them for masturbation as well as during sex.

2. Anal butt plugs

This diamond shaped anal toy is one of the most popular.

They are equally praised by men and women. It is a fact that the anus has countless nerve endings which make the sexual experience much more intense.

If you’re a man you’ll find this sex toy priceless, because the butt plug stimulates your prostate when inserted . this is usually followed by an explosive orgasm!

And if you’re a woman you’ll like the butt plug, because when it us inserted in the anus it reduces the size of their vaginal cavity, and every feeling you normally feel will be multiplied by ten.

3. Dildos

Any type of dildo will work for a little anal fun. Just make sure you can handle the size and use lots and lots of lubricant.

After you have got used to the feeling you can try it with a harness or go for a Feeldoe.

4. Prostate stimulators

This is a gentlemen’s only toy, but has a well deserved place on the list.

A few inches up in the anus men have a prostate gland (also referred to as the P-spot) that is surrounded by nerves and can bring a man to breath-taking orgasms that can’t be compared to any other type of stimulation. Although you normally can reach the gland with your finger, you can rarely give it a nice massage. This is where the prostate stimulator comes in handy. It is shaped so that that it gives your prostate a thorough rub, and never fails to bring you to an explosive climax.

5. Vibrating anal toys

Anal plugs, dildos and prostate stimulators can also come in shape of a vibrator or even as an EStim sex toy. These toys already create a feeling of fullness and adding vibration to it, it is simply sensational.

Although they might cost you a little extra, they are worth every penny!