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Controversial Sex Toys


Top there controversial adult products and sex toys on the market poking fun at Roman Catholic Church.

There are many controversial sex toys out there and we made a list of top three on the market right now.

3. Pope Condoms

.A Dutch sex shop Condoomfabriek gave away 2,000 condoms with pope pictured on the condom wrapper. They tried to make a point about sexually transmitted diseases and created a huge controversy. It is only one of the latest pranks that the adult industry pulled on the Roman Catholic Church.

2. Baby Jesus Butt Plug

Even more controversial is the Baby Jesus Butt Plug. Online sex toy company Divine Interventions launched a Divine line of sex toys. Toys got a lot of publicity but the hype did not convert into sales very well. It seems that people were reluctant to use dildos and butt plugs in the shape of spiritual icons.

1. Virgin Mary Sex Doll

virgin mary love dollThe winner is the latest in the line of controversial toys – the Virgin Mary Sex Doll, currently available only at Passionshop. The life size sex doll with vibrating pussy and realistic ass is on its way to become a best-seller among love dolls. It was on the market for only a few days and it is already sold out. With the description “Priests have all the fun!” it is bound to stir up debate. Some may buy it as a prank, yet others might actually use it.